Nashua Community College

Flexible program options, individual attention, and real-world learning makes Nashua Community College the perfect place to start, whether you’re embarking on a career or transfer pathway. Learn more at NCC.


The Nashua Community College is a great launching pad for anyone who wants to go somewhere. And through the 10-week program that I got into, it opened up a career. Now that my work pays for my schooling, I can use all the rest of the money that I make from working full time and going to school full time to live comfortably and actually invest in being in school.

Nashua Community College gives you one-on-one experience with professors and faculty. They take the time to meet with me if I have any questions or concerns. It's really easy to speak with your advisors about your transition to another college after you get your associate's. And I plan on transitioning to University of New Hampshire Manchester.

They set up programs that attach associate's to bachelor's degrees from NCC. It's a great foundation for any direction you want to go, whether it's to a university or another tech.

NCC has been a great opportunity for me to save money and be successful, giving me the boost I need to further my education and to look forward to the future.