What People Are Saying

Parents love how NH’s community colleges help their kids explore interests and get a great start on a college pathway – without going into debt!


All three of our children just needed a little bit of extra time to develop and to figure out what they wanted to do. When we heard about the community colleges, we realized that this would give an opportunity inexpensively for the kids to figure out what they wanted to do and possibly find themselves, and through the process of finding themselves, do better.

And for us, it has been the ultimate success story. Our oldest went to the community colleges and is now a CPA. Our middle son went to the community colleges and is now in medical school. And our youngest graduated from the community colleges and is now at Northeastern University.

What the community colleges did for each of these kids was give them a sense of confidence that they can do it, that they can be a success, and the sky's the limit. So there wasn't a more perfect education out there for them.

The experience that I had at Nashua Community College was absolutely amazing. I mean, I even miss it sometimes now because I had such a great time. I made lasting friendships. I made relationships with professors. And I will constantly give back to the Community College because of what it's done in our community, in other communities across the country, because I think it could benefit students so much.