River Valley Community College

Small classes, personal attention, and a commitment to excellence makes River Valley Community College life-changing for its students. Learn more at RVCC.


River Valley Community College offers different programs including business, technology, and a variety of allied health programs as well. The students really are getting a good-quality education. And students are going on to working in their fields immediately upon graduation.

The faculty's door is always open. The student-faculty ratio at River Valley's about eight to one. It gives me the opportunity to get more engaged with the professors, and answer questions, and get feedback during the class as opposed to 150 students and I'm lost in the sea. They want you to succeed. And being 41 years old, leaving a previous career, going to school to start another career, I need all the confidence I can that I'm going to succeed.

After high school I was looking for a college that I would be able to save some money and work still. And possibly stay at home. And the experience has been nothing short of rewarding. Being able to find close-knit friends, being able to talk to my professors and reach out to them. Overall, I tell anyone looking to further their education that River Valley Community College is a great place to look at. It's affordable, many programs are offered, and for me it's been one of the best decisions.