Continuing Education

Our colleges offer many opportunities for career-changers and individuals seeking to re-enter the workforce. Contact us to learn how to get to the next level, whether it’s taking a whole new direction or using your existing skills and interests as the foundation.   

People who want to change their careers, or reenter the workforce, coming
back to college is a great opportunity to upskill, and get new skills so
that they can find the job that they want. What we try to do with our
non-credit and continuing ed programs, is to help people find new
careers. But maybe they're working in a current career that they have
some training that they've taken, or they've learned some skills, but
they really need that associate's degree to help them go to the next
level. So creating a pathway helps them take, what non-credit they have,
and what work experience and prior learning they might have, and actually
work it into a degree program. Let's say you used to program computers
and you want to come back into the workforce. So you want to learn the
most up to date skills available so that your resume really shines.
Through some of the internship opportunities I've had here, I've
discovered that I have a lot of options, and I feel ready for the next
phase of my life. I feel well prepared for it.