Value of Acquiring a Certificate

A certificate in your chosen field of study may lead to increased pay or career advancement. Statistics show that a certificate could elevate your salary by as much as 25 percent. Not only does a certificate takes less time than an Associate degree to complete, you will also benefit from flexible on-campus, weekend or online options for your class schedule. After completing your certificate, you can enter the workforce or continue towards your Associate or bachelor’s degree.

A certificate helps students move forward in their careers or career
options because most certificates are very skilled based credentials. So
certificates are short term ways that students can come in build skills,
build competencies, and focused areas that employers are looking for in
the state of New Hampshire.
There are so many different benefits to acquiring a certificate in your
field. For one, the time commitment is much less. You can often do it in
as little as two to three semesters, and the cost is significantly less.
So not only are you investing fewer dollars upfront, you're able to move
into the workforce at a much faster rate than you would with a degree
program. Certificates and the curriculum are aligned with workforce needs
and demands. Oftentimes, certificates are designed with an employer in
mind and the faculty member or the department chair designs, the
curriculum, the competencies in mind with the employer-- with advisory
boards, and the growing needs in the state of New Hampshire looking at
labor force data-- that would align with what students need right now,
and to get a job-- right now.