Student Life

There are so many ways to “choose community” when you enroll at one of NH’s community colleges. Service clubs, sports, academic and interest-based affinity groups, and organizations that are all about fun. Feel connected when you are part of our community.   

More often than not, I'll have a student come up to me that says, I
didn't do anything in high school, and I really want to be involved. So
now that I'm in college, I want to do something and they make a
difference. They get involved in student life, whether it's leadership,
whether it's service, anything on campus activities. All of our clubs,
and organizations are based on student interest. Some are more service-
oriented, doing service trips, whether those are local or whether they go
somewhere like to help Habitat for Humanity, for example. The other
category of clubs is more clubs that correspond to the majors. And then
there's the other category, the third category, which is purely fun. So
it really is based truly on the students and it's 100% student driven.
I'm the president of Student Government at Great Bay. And my role is
basically to facilitate the voice of the student body so that everyone's
voice can be heard. And we put together events and things to get
participation and community engagement up. And we also provide activities
to get involved in the local community, not just on campus. I like
athletics because it provides a community and almost like family for
people who get involved. We have traditional and non-traditional sports
and organizations so traditional would be like baseball, softball,
volleyball, and some non-traditional ones would be eSports.