Financial Aid/Affordability

We’re not only the most affordable college option in New Hampshire, we also offer scholarships, loans, and other forms of aid to keep your college costs manageable.  

One of the nice things about the Community Colleges of New Hampshire is
that you can make it work for your financial ability. You can go part-
time. You can go full-time. You have the federal student aid-- in the
form of loans or possibly grants, if you're eligible for that, that you
can use to really help you and manage your way all the way through so
that you don't have to feel like you're going into exorbitant debt. Or
that the degree you're getting isn't worth the investment you're making.
It really is worth the investment. CCSNH has a lot of different
scholarship opportunities. We work very closely with the New Hampshire
Charitable Foundation. They do one application, and it funnels them
through many, many, many scholarships. We have the CCNH Foundation, which
is scholarships just for Community College of New Hampshire students.
The Foundation for New Hampshire Community Colleges exists solely for
students to be able to access an education at any one of our seven
colleges. Last year, the Foundation awarded in excess of about $600,000
to over 1000 Students utilizing a piece of technology software program
called award spraying. We want to work in partnership with the colleges
to make it affordable and accessible for every student.
One of the great things about the Community College System of New
Hampshire is that you can be an employee, and you can be a student, and
your employer might have the resources to help you pay for your education
here. Tuition reimbursement, it's something you check out with your
employer. They have different methods of making it work. They have
agreements with different colleges, so it's something to really
investigate with your employer and it's a really good opportunity.