Lakes Region Community College

A welcoming campus community that focuses on the success of their students, Lakes Region Community College provides a great foundation for achievement. Learn more at LRCC.


So living on campus is amazing. I love going to the student apartments. I love living in them. I get to meet people from all programs.

Everybody is very welcoming. And all the teachers, all the faculty, everybody is just so involved. And they want to help you get through school. And they want to help you graduate and get to where you want to go in life.

They're just really willing to work with you. They want you to graduate. So whether you have to do a night class, a day class, or an online class, they fit it into your schedule. And they try to work with you semester to semester so you can get your degree in the time that you want to.

Through LRCC, I was able to get a job. I had to take a co-op, which is like an internship. So I was able to find a bakery easily and apply. And now I'm still working at the bakery and use that knowledge in school and at work.

Community college is a good launching ground, because it gives you a good foundation to then grow from there and develop more skills after you leave the program and graduate from their program. And it's very easy to transfer from LRCC. They make their credits very transferable. So if you want to go to a four year college, then you already have a foundation of credits that you can transfer over to there.