Continuing Education

Faculty who are experts in their field help learners of all age prepare for that next step in their educational and professional journeys. 


Our flexible schedule includes options for students to take classes during the day, evening, online. We've also accelerated a lot of our courses so students can take more credits at a time and finish their degree faster.

Some of the qualities that I appreciate most about our faculty is the fact that they have career experience. They have experience in the classroom as well as experience in the workforce. And that experience is brought to the students, and they benefit from that. It's not just a matter of them learning from a pen and paper, but also learning specifically about what is done in the workforce and what they'll be doing throughout their careers.

Affordability is very important for adult learners looking to get back into school. There's a variety of programs that can be available to adult learners or people who have recently been laid off their positions. The Workforce Initiative Opportunity Act, or WIOA, can help students with these expenses so they can get back into school.

I've had many students come into my office, and they think they're unusual. They say, I'm 45 years old, and I'm returning to school. And I say, you're not as unusual as you think you are. In fact, we have many, many folks in similar situations.

We have advising. We have support built in. We have financial aid built in. We will work with you. That's what a community college is supposed to do. And that's exactly what is done in the Community College System of New Hampshire.