College Credit for High School Students

Graduate from high school with college credits already completed?  A great head start at an affordable cost.


When people say dual and concurrent enrollment, they can be referring to a number of different things. Most commonly in the Community College System of New Hampshire, they're referring to our running start program or our early college program.

Our running start program is a wonderful program in which students can enroll in high school and take college courses, and receive credit for both their high school courses and college courses at the same time. So they're taking one course, but in a sense getting credit for two different courses-- one at the high school level and one at the college level.

The running start courses are offered at a greatly discounted rate, and the early college courses are offered for approximately half of what a regular college student would pay. And if it's a STEM course, the course is actually free. STEM meaning science, technology, engineering, or mathematics-- the courses are actually free for these students.

Our early college program is a program in which the students actually come to the campus. So a high school student travels to the campus, either in the late afternoon, or the evening, or in the summer, or in some cases online. And they receive college credit for these courses, just as they normally would if they were, so to speak, a regular college student.

These programs-- the running start program and the early college program-- are wonderful, in my opinion. In fact, I can say this not only as a representative of the community college system, but also as a father. I have four children. I encouraged all my children to take these courses. Doing so saved me personally almost $30,000. So I personally have taken advantage of these programs. I believe that they are a wonderful opportunity for students to begin their academic journey early.