White Mountains Community College

A close-knit community with small classes and cutting-edge instruction, White Mountains Community College is a great place to prepare for a career or a transfer pathway. Learn more at WMCC.


The college experience here is really good. It's close-knit community, it's really awesome. It's definitely different from a university where you could be one in 400 students. I have a class where there's, like, eight of us. And so it's very one-on-one, very close-knit. You know who your professors are, you know the staff and faculty around campus. And you know most of the students too, whether they're in the same program as you are or not. If you pass them in the hall you can still say hi. And you know they're there for you.

I think it's a good launching ground because it's affordable, right off the bat. For me it's close to home, so I'm not really breaking the bank on finding an apartment or driving here every day. It's a good way just a start, whether it be a professional career or into a bigger school. And I find this is the perfect next step.

Transferring from White Mountains Community College is really easy. There's a lot of different pathways we've got. And knowing which classes to take is really accessible with the advisors leading you and giving you different options and telling you what would work best for you.

The classes are enjoyable, informational, my classmates are awesome. I have pretty cool professors. And where else can you come using the newest equipment? Getting job offers, we've gotten multiple job offers already for when we graduate. So far it's one of the best decisions I've made.