Great Bay Community College

Students love the vibrant campus, with clubs, sports and above all a great education that prepares them for transfer or a career.  Learn more at GBCC.


I chose to come to Great Bay because I felt like the opportunity was there for me. It wasn't as much money as a four-year, but the programs are just as good as the four-year schools. And it was close to home, I could go to work at the same time. I could play sports. And everything fit really well into my schedule.

I was able to save just about a third of the actual tuition cost from transitioning from public school out-of-state to in-state Great Bay community college. After room and board, and housing plans, and flights, a safe estimate was that I'm spending one fifth of what I would be spending last year.

They have a lot of transfer meetings with other schools. They come, and they'll sit, and they'll talk to students. You can set up separate meetings if you have extra questions. But they do have dual enrollment programs that make it really easy to transfer. And most Great Bank credits will transfer to pretty much any of the state schools in New Hampshire as well.

Nearly every credit. I'm going to take a Great Bay will transfer to UNH, so effectively the same credits are cheaper. I'm able to work a 40 hour week. Have paychecks coming in while also being able to do 15 credits a semester. With online courses and fast-tracked courses, there's many ways that they work with you to accommodate a full schedule.

There's a ton of clubs. There's a ton of stuff to do outside of school. You're really close to the seacoast. You're close to downtown everything. There's sports teams. And it's great, and I've met a lot of really close friends.