Transfer Pathways

Start here, go anywhere, and save thousands of dollars along the way. 


So one of the great resources at the community college level in New Hampshire is that there's pathways-- that they guide you to take certain classes at the community college level that will all transfer to the universities here in New Hampshire. So that way those classes do transfer over, and you're covering not only your degree here, but the start of your degree at a four year university.

The transfer process was actually a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I mean, Northeastern accepted all of my credits except two. But the transfer process for me was really easy. It was just a matter of sending my transcript, which I thought was amazing.

Starting at a community college is a great alternative, because it lessens the amount that you're paying literally in half, as opposed to if you're getting your bachelor's degree. It's essentially the same education that you're getting at the community college in those first two years as you would be getting at a four year university anywhere. Those first two years are just general education requirements, and my school proved that by accepting all of mine.