Hear from the Chancellor

“Community” is more than just a name. Our colleges are part of their communities, and our mission is aligned with the needs of New Hampshire residents and its business community. And partnerships, in many forms, are key to that alignment.   

Our mission calls upon us to provide opportunities for students that
align with the needs of this state. So the ability for the community
college system, and the seven colleges to be engaged in the communities
to be really embedded there is the starting point for everything we do.
One of the things that helps the community college system be carefully
aligned with the state, is the composition of our Board of Trustees.
Significant representation of industries and healthcare technology,
public safety, but also broad public participation in our board--
provides insight and information about what's happening with the needs of
those communities are. We have any number of agencies and organizations
around the state who choose to partner with the community college system
of Hampshire because they recognize that the students we serve our
students who are often less well served. New Hampshire Charitable
Foundation made a sizable investment in the opportunities they created
for students to have access to the community college system this year.
Virtually all of our health related programs have a clinical requirement.
So the willingness of hospitals and other health care providers to
partner with us to provide those clinical sites is extraordinary. New
Hampshire Auto Dealers Association for years has been an incredible
partner for the community college system, providing us with vehicles, and
equipment, and opportunities to train for the next generation of
workforce. And our effort is to develop curriculum and programs to
support student success, but student success that drives the state's