Manchester Community College

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So my favorite things about the Manchester Community College-- the affordability and the flexibility, and the fact that it's closer to home. Ultimately, MCC is helping me get my associate degree at an affordable price. And I can continue to any four-year college, where I can get my bachelor's degree in a year or two.

The transfer process from MCC to a four-year degree was very smooth for me. Pretty much all of my credits transferred over, and not even just on the general education side, but also some of my upper-level classes. From getting my associate's degree and transferring into a four-year college, I came in as a junior, and now I'm a senior in undergraduate this spring.

I do well in smaller classes. That's one of the reasons why I wanted to do my nursing program in MCC. My teachers here are very patient. My statistics teacher is truly patient. He's there to help you till you get the whole thing.

Getting involved in campus was quick and easy in my experience. I quickly became the president of the Manchester Community College Veterans Club. I participated in the Student Veterans of America conference. I was on the CAB, which is the Campus Activities Board. If you want to be involved at Manchester Community College, it is very easy to get involved. And people are very inviting. The community really is a huge part of Manchester Community College.